Thursday, May 2, 2013

Planting Trees

My dad owned a tree planting business for many, many years. Eller & Sons Trees, Inc. They planted for paper companies all over the states. He started long before I was born and didn't stop until just a few years ago. The one thing that he spends and always has spent the greatest portion of his income on was helping others. Literature for strangers. Motels for the homeless. Food for the hungry. Support for missionaries. And my mom supports and encourages him in it. Their hearts are the most generous I know. This song, Planting Trees, makes me think of my parents. How thankful I am for them. I hope to plant many trees, too.


Anonymous said...

I like that song too and it does fit your family and their influence on so many lives.

Donovan said...

Thanks Shama--that is beautiful! Just like your parents!

Mr. Kurtz